Made by Inspired Gaming – a company which is best-known for its virtual sports and racing games.Mike Tyson Roulette provides an exciting twist on the traditional game of roulette thanks to the Knockout Bonus which offers Power Prize Multipliers.

Software:Inspired Gaming
Slot Type: Casino game
RTP: 94.74%

Design of Mike Tyson Roulette

As the Mike Tyson Roulette game loads, you see an image of Mike punching across a roulette wheel in front of a black-and-white city skyline. Once you click anywhere to continue, you’re presented with the betting area which is made up of several different sections, all of which correspond with one or more segments on the roulette wheel.

On the far-left, there’s the green 0, and to the right of it, there are red and black boxes containing numbers 1 to 36. Along the bottom, you have the option to bet on the “1st 12” numbers, numbers 1 to 18, evens, the “2nd 12” numbers, red, black, odds, the “3rd 12” numbers, and numbers 19 to 36. On the far right-hand side, there are three betting positions which allow you to bet 2 to 1 using the Knockout Bonus Feature.

It’s easy to quick to get started with Mike Tyson Roulette, and if you get stuck, the full rules are available via the settings menu.

To start a new game of Mike Tyson Roulette, you must place at least 10p in chips on the betting area. You can change the chip values using the chip area underneath the table. If you make a mistake, click Clear All Bets or Clear Last Bet, or if you wish to start another game using the same wager as your first game, click the Repeat Bet button. You can either place a single bet or multiple bets, including a split bet where the chip is placed in-between two numbers on the table.

As the paytable shows, there are ten different types of bets which you can place on Mike Tyson Roulette, each of which comes with its own odds:

Bonus Round

No pun intended, but Mike Tyson Roulette really packs a punch with its Knockout Bonus, as it makes the playing experience even more exciting than usual. To have a chance of entering the feature, you’ll need to place a chip on the Knockout Bonus segment of the table. If the ball lands on the Knockout Bonus segment, a new screen containing twenty different multipliers loads. Ideally, you want to knock out two multipliers each time you click the “Knockout” button without K.O.’ing the two power prize multipliers. The Mike Tyson Roulette game makes you a cash offer after every K.O., and you can either choose to accept it or continue removing multipliers in the hopes of receiving a better offer.

Play like a pro – win like a champ with the Mike Tyson Roulette game!

You can play the Mike Tyson Roulette game with bets of 10p to £100, and the rules are based on European Roulette. All you need to do is bet on the number that you think the ball will land on once the wheel has finished spinning, and if your prediction is correct, you’ll win the associated cash prize. The payout rates start with at Evens and go all the way up to 35/1.

Single Number (Straight) = 35/1
Pair (Split) = 17/1
Three Numbers (Street and Trio) = 11/1
Four Numbers (Corner & Top 4) = 8/1
Six Numbers (Avenue) = 5/1
Columns = 2/1
Dozens = 2/1
Red/Black = Evens
Even/Odd = Evens
1 to 18 and 19 to 36 = Evens